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(in a stone sign: Visiting Hours: 20:00 - 4:00

Welcome to our Studio.)

Please doan these safety goggles, and find a place to sit for a while.



Sculptures have been around since history began. Prehistoric people made plates, ornaments, arrowheads and other useful objects from stone and clay. However, only recently have they escalated to another level, a level this studio is famous for.

Our first sculpture,(*Domovoi*)was created by accident, as part of a fountain. Out original Sculptor, Ryath, Focused on the centerpiece, a small sleeping foal. She basically ignored the rest of the fountain and was consequently fired. In an gorgeous row with the commissioner of the fountain, (I wanted a fountain you idiot, not a sculpture! It is a fountain! No it's not!) The tip of the foals ear was knocked off, and Ryath took her wheelbarrow and knocked the sculpture off it's base and carted it out of there for herself.

Anyway, she put so much energy, life, and personality into the lovely sculpture, it became.. something more than just stone. She noticed that every time she moved it, it seemed a bit more yielding to the touch, somehow softer. It also seemed to grow slightly and change positions. For instance, the muzzle of the foal seemed closer to the hoof than usual, or the tail was shifted slightly.

One night, a _______ after she had began sculpting, Domovoi began to truly live; to move about whicker, and such.

Thus a sculpture, a sculptor, and a studio was born.

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