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Aeremy Goldshimmer

An enormous stone tower looms above your head. But for it's height, it is a welcome place, full of music and laughter. For this is the home of Aeremy. The door opens slowly and savory smells of nuts, apples and dough drifts out twining around your senses. But the one who opened the door is nowhere to be seen, but a slight sparkle in the air.

The sounds of hooves hits your ears as you step inside. A lovely red and gold unicorn is cantering about inside, playing with shadows, sparkles and blurs. He stops cavorting about and trots up to you.

"Hello there." He grins a horsey grin, and you notice his uncloven hooves, beardless chin, and horse tail. He seems almost half horse, and not fully unicorn. He notices your gaze, and speaks up. "My father was thought to be a fire stallion... Hence the flames." He lifts his feathered hoof, cloaked in fire, and sets in back down. "Errr... Would you like to come in? Esmerelda would like to meet you." He lowers his head and smiles shyly.

Name Aeremy
Meaning -
ID #1201
Sire Wild(FireStallion)
Dam Wild(RoyalUnicorn)
GloryIava Quiesta
Class Donniyeva
Birth CharityWild
Current CharityAth'li'de'Ala
Offspring?None yet
Permission required?No
Caretaker Ryath
OriginThe Silver Unicorn